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6 Tips for Planning the Perfect Golf Course Wedding

It’s your wedding day. You’ve had the date reserved for a year and it’s supposed to be the perfect temperature for an outdoors wedding.

Now, where to have it? Forget that these venues are normally used for a sport, a golf course is the perfect place for a wedding.

Golf course weddings offer everything you need for your perfect day. Well manicured lawns, greens as far as the eye can see and a beautiful clubhouse will make for the perfect setting.

Here is the ultimate guide to help you plan your wedding day.

6 Tips for Planning the Perfect Golf Course Wedding

1. Start Big

Cover all of the big details first. Have the invitations sent out, set the date, finalize the guest list and get your dress ready. Then start on the other details after that.

Golf courses offer a lot of amenities. You can decide where you want certain events done (i.e. in the club house or out on the green). Choose your catering, what kind of tablecloths, and flowers you’ll want for your big day.

If you can tackle the big aspects of a wedding earlier on, the smaller details will be enjoyable to finish. Most golf courses have wedding specialists who can help make suggestions on certain details to make your day lovely.

2. Ask For Help

Having help is key. Many brides regret not being able to enjoy their big day because they were too stressed about all of the details they did themselves.

Ask the golf course wedding event planner for all of their recommendations. They can offer help on where to order your cake, where to rent your tables and chairs, who to hire as a D.J., etc.

Consider social media when planning your golf course wedding. You’ll be shocked at how many brides will chime in with helpful hints about what they would do differently.

3. Budget Your Golf Course Wedding

Golf course weddings are great because they can act like an all-inclusive resort. Many brides put the ceremony in one venue for a large fee, then move the entire party elsewhere for the reception.

At a golf course, you can keep the party in one spot for the evening. This is helpful to your budget and also to your guests, especially if there is going to be an open bar at the wedding.

Some golf courses might have a minimum food and beverage fee. Take this into consideration when choosing which course to throw your shindig at.

4. Consider Your Guests

Some golf courses get special rates at nearby hotels. See if your chosen venue can work out a special rate for your hotel guests. Staying nearby a wedding venue is a true dream for any traveler coming in for the event.

If there are any golf fanatics in your wedding party, set up a golf morning for them (you’re at a golf course, after all!) This can be a great way for families to get to know each other better.

5. You Do You

When it comes to planning your wedding, you will receive a lot of opinions from outside parties. Be kind, listen, and then do whatever the hell you want.

Remember that this is your day, not theirs. It’s good to be polite and entertain the ideas of those helping to fund the event, but make sure you are getting exactly what you want.

Don’t be one of those brides who end up hating their wedding day because they didn’t speak up.

6. Let It Go

When the day arrives, it’s time to let it go. You no longer have control. A golf course wedding is helpful for letting it go because there will be a large staff around to make sure everything goes smoothly.

It’s important to stop thinking about the details, the cake, or how your make up looks. It’s time to enjoy this special day because (hopefully), it only happens once!

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