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    Junior Lessons

A passion to learn and an openness to grow — that’s all you need to start enjoying the game of golf. We love it when young people discover the joys of the game, because they posses those qualities in spades.

Junior Lessons at Golf Club of the Everglades

We offer golf lessons for juniors. It’s our way of encouraging a family-friendly atmosphere where multiple generations can enjoy the spectacular fun of playing a round of golf with friends or family.

Get Your Kids, Grandkids, Nieces & Nephews Into the Game of Golf

Junior lessons are for kids & teens who have never played golf and would like to start. The lessons are also for juniors who have tried the game and want to learn more.

New players always benefit from learning the game from the best. Our coaches are professional instructors, and even though they’re masters at the game themselves, they understand the mindset of the beginner.

Bring Along a Serious Intent to Have a Great Time

Junior golf lessons incorporate individual instruction that’s tailored to the needs of each student. To that end, we may focus on any number of ways to improve the game: strength and balance drills, gripping techniques, optimal setup, establishing technical foundations, movement, and more.

However serious we may sound at the outset, we never lose sight of the fact that golf is meant to be fun. Most importantly, we deliver our coaching lessons in a fun, stress-free environment, teaching respect for the game, and civility to other players. The result? A great golfing experience for everyone, all around.

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