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The Top 5 Ways to Sink Your Putt Every Time

Golf is a fun, demanding, and frustrating sport at times. You may have a good golf swing and the ability to make par, but when you need to sink a putt at the Everglades club, it just isn’t happening. This short guide will inform you of the top five ways to sink your putt every single time.

1. The right club

Whether you are at the Golf club of the Everglades or practicing your putting in the office, using the correct putter can make all the difference for you to sink your putt. There are a variety of different putters on the market. Some golf professionals need a putter with a long handle; others need a putter with a weighted head. Whatever your situation, try out a variety of putters to find the club that works best for you.

2. Stance/Use good form

One of the most critical ways to sink your putt on the green is to make sure you are using the correct form. Your stance when you putt can make a huge difference in whether the ball leans left or right. Make sure you are using the right position when you are practicing as well as when you are playing nine holes at the Everglades club.

3. Practice makes perfect

What is that old saying – practice makes perfect? Practice does make perfect when you are working on putting. The more you practice different lies, different speeds, and different motions, the better you will become. Eventually, it will just be second nature, and you will sink that tricky putt at the Golf club of the Everglades.

4. Read the land

A crucial way to sink putts is to know how to read the ground. Will the ball roll right or left? Will it pick up speed going downhill or peter out just shy of the hole? Make sure you know what to do if the green is wet or if a sand trap is near. A good way to read the land is by practicing your putting at the Golf club of the Everglades or at a golf course near you.

5. Repetition and follow through

Another important way to work on your putting, to start sinking putt after putt, is to be repetitious in your motion and follow through once you tap the ball. A putt is just like any other golf swing; you need to have a follow through for the ball to do what you want it to. Without a follow through, the ball is going to stop short of the hole or pull either right or left every time you strike it. Members at golf courses, including the Everglades club, work on speed and motion but forget about follow through. Make sure you are following through on your golf putt every single time.

As you can see, golf is a demanding sport, and putting is, even more, nerve-wracking! By following our advice on the top five ways to sink your putt every time, you will be making birdie after birdie and will make your club members green with envy!