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How to Plan a Winter Party at a Golf Club of the Everglades

Thinking about hosting a winter party, but want to make sure it's one-of-a-kind? Then you have to think out-of-the-box. You want to do something different.

It may be beneficial for you to consider having a winter party at a golf course! It's unique, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, and entertaining for all! You have everything a normal party would have - but on a course!

Here's what to know about planning the party!

Get the Date on the Calendar

Golf courses are always booked because of how popular of a venue they are. Weddings, engagements, tournaments, fundraisers, and parties alike keep golf courses' calendars pretty fully year-round.

The first thing you need to do if you want to have a winter party on a golf course is to get the date far in advance! This probably needs to be around a year in advance.

Create Your Guest List

Once you have the date chosen and the golf course picked out, you need to create a guest list. The golf course will want to know how many people you expect to have for planning and pricing purposes.

As this may change over the course of planning, you can work with the golf course as it does.

Work With the Course for Catering

Many golf courses will do the catering for you. If you want outside catering, you will have to work that out with the golf course.

Most of the time, you will pick from a list of catering options for what you want at the golf winter party venue.

Decide on Party Decor

No one wants to show up to a boring, plain, party! Instead, you want to make sure the decor pops and accentuates the party's uniqueness.

Depending on what type of party theme you're going for, you will need to decorate it. Many times, golf courses will have their own party decorators that will help you, but other times you can hire your own and bring them in to help.

Bring in Entertainment

The party can't start until you've chosen and secured the best entertainment around. For your golf winter party, you could choose from several types of entertainment.

Host a raffle or a silent auction, bring in a popular DJ to play music all night, and hire a photographer to take pictures of it all.

You could also hire a few golf professionals to set up a golf lesson station for part of the night. Or maybe make it a competition with several people competing for the longest drives!

Host Your Golf Winter Party at Golf Club of the Everglades 

If you're ready to have the most unique winter party, it's time for you to plan an event at the best Naples golf course around!

When you're ready, contact us to get started with your planning. Fill out the form with your information, the number of guests you estimate, and a few dates you are willing to work with. We'll be in touch to get started!