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How to Arrange Golf Clubs in Your Bag

How to Arrange Golf Clubs in Your Bag

Are you looking to protect your $3,500 investment? If you have a low handicap, that's a very common price to pay for a new set of golf clubs.

The best way to keep your clubs safe and secure is by arranging them properly. However, you might not know how to arrange golf clubs in your bag, or where to put your golf balls, apparel, and more.

This helpful guide tackles the best way to go about arranging golf clubs so you're fully prepared the next time you hit the links.

Golf Bag

Before you learn how to arrange golf clubs in a cart bag, you need to invest in the best bag for your needs. Modern bags assist with organizing your clubs — you can choose from a variety of top cuffs. For example, you can select the 14-way that comes equipped with full-length dividers, or you can opt for a Tour Bag style that boasts 4 or 5-way full-length dividers.

No matter what bag you purchase for organizing golf clubs, always keep the longest clubs closest to the spine of your bag. This means you should move downwards toward your shorter clubs.

Regardless of the types of golf clubs you have, a waterproof bag is an absolute must, so look for one when shopping.

Classic 4-Way Method

If you choose the 4-way method of organizing your bag, you would put a hybrid (or two woods or a long iron) in the top part of your bag. You would place three irons in the middle left and the middle right. The wide bottom part of your golf bag is where your four short irons go.

Since your putter is the shortest club you own, you need to put it up top with the longer clubs and your woods. You use this club often, so it needs to be easily accessible. Should you own an oversized putter, it's easier to place it up top.

Classic 5-Way Method

Your longest clubs go in your golf bag slots first. They always go in the rear —according to golf club length— regardless of what type of golf bag you use.

Next, place your irons into your golf bag. They always go in the middle section of your bag.

After your driver, woods, and irons are secure, it's time to put your putter and wedges in place. These clubs should be placed in descending order —just like your longer clubs— with your putter on top.

Keep in mind that, although the 4 and 5-way golf club methods are traditional, they might cause your clubs to bang together more often.

However, your clubs are grouped closely together and are easier to find. These methods are ideal if you plan on using fewer clubs (and want to carry a lighter bag).

14-Way Method

If you use the 14-way method, you can expect to bring all your clubs with you, as opposed to the 4 and 5-way methods which lead to lighter bags.

To begin, consider the front dividers that are closest to you. Since these dividers are the shortest, your wedges go there.

This is ideal since you won't have to reach over your longest clubs to access your wedges. This method also keeps your woods safe from any scratches or dings as you pull your wedges from the bag.

Next, tackle your middle dividers. These are reserved for your irons in any golf bag setup.

Your back dividers are next. These dividers are the ones closest to your cart basket and are reserved for your driver and fairway woods. If you keep these far away from your wedges, you'll avoid dings to the crown.

Last is your putter well. This is the largest divider.

Your golf bag should be broken into four rows at this point. Working from left to right, here's what it should look like.

Row 1

This row consists of three dividers. It holds your gap wedge, sand wedge, and your lob wedge.

Row 2

This row contains four dividers. It holds your 7 iron, your 8 iron, your 9 iron, and your pitching wedge.

Row 3

This row contains 4 dividers. It holds your 3 iron or your hybrid, your 4 iron or your hybrid, your 5 iron or your hybrid, and your 6 iron.

Row 4

This row holds your putter and your driver. It also contains your fairway wood.

Golf Apparel

Most golf bags have at least one pocket for golf bag accessories and apparel. Only use these pockets for apparel.

You should fold your apparel and avoid mixing waterproof gear with sweaters, as it can affix itself in a Velcro-type grip. If you fold items before inserting them, you'll free up room for even more accessories.

Your golf bag may have another space for headwear, including hats and beanies depending on the weather. It's best if they have their own separate compartment, so they don't touch any waterproof items that might have gotten wet.

Golf Balls

If you have ample space in your golf bag, keep your golf balls in their own place. This way you can easily see how many you have available as you play. A reasonable number of golf balls to carry with you is 10 balls per game.

How to Arrange Golf Clubs In Your Bag

Now that you know how to arrange golf clubs in your bag, you can start shopping for a new set! If you love your current set, you can use this helpful guide to pick the best golf bag for your needs, or simply to organize all your golf gear.

Whether you're new to the game or an experienced golfer, Golf Club of the Everglades offers an unparalleled golf course with plenty of amenities. Learn more about membership here, or contact us with any questions.