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How to Travel With Golf Clubs

How to Travel With Golf Clubs

On average, a set of golf clubs costs between $120 to $1,400, which means they're a huge investment, especially if you've splurged on yours.

As an avid golfer, you probably want to bring your set everywhere you go. Not only does it feel more comfortable to use your own clubs, but you won't have to buy new ones at your destination either.

To ensure your clubs stay in good condition when you jet off, there are a few things you need to do. Read on to find out how to travel with golf clubs so you have a smooth experience.

Choose the Right Golf Travel Bag

No matter what types of golf clubs you have, you'll have to carry them in a golf travel bag. These are designed to protect your clubs during transportation, so make sure you invest in a quality bag rather than try to save money on something of subpar quality.

There are two choices here: soft travel bags or hard cases.

Soft travel bags are made with padded fabric, which makes them lightweight and easier to store when not in use, as you can fold the bags up compactly. However, they offer limited protection, so they may not be ideal if you're traveling a lot and doing so in tight spaces too.

Hard cases are made of durable, impact-resistant materials. You can have confidence that your clubs will be safe, even if they have a rough ride. But hard cases are heavier and bulkier; they can be irritating to carry from place to place, and they may be harder to store in your home.

Pack Your Clubs Securely

Before packing, thoroughly clean your golf clubs to remove dirt and debris. These things can damage other equipment or your golf bag while traveling.

Place a headcover on each club to protect the clubheads, then place them into the bag. If there are any empty spaces, fill them with soft items like clothing or towels. This will prevent the clubs from moving around during transit.

Label Your Bag Clearly

Hopefully, you'll get your golf bag off the luggage carousel without issue once your flight lands. But just in case anything happens, it's smart to attach a luggage tag with your name, contact information, and destination address. Add something like a distinct sticker, ribbon, or scarf, so you don't accidentally take someone else's golf bag and vice versa.

Even if you're not flying, it's useful to label your bag. While playing golf, you never know if someone else has the same bag or something similar. Making your golf bag distinct and unique will help set it apart from others.

Check Airline Baggage Policies

If you've booked a flight, then you'll want to check with your airline regarding their specific policies for flying with golf clubs. Every company may have differing policies, so even if you've flown before with golf clubs, it's best to double-check, especially if you're flying with a different airline than before.

Pay attention to size and weight restrictions, as well as any additional fees that may apply for transporting sports equipment. For example, American Airlines allows one golf bag with clubs, balls, tees, and one pair of golf shoes. It'll count as a standard checked bag, so expect to pay the regular fees, both for the standard and overweight fees.

Get Insurance

This isn't a necessary step, but if your golf clubs are valuable, consider purchasing travel insurance that covers sports equipment.

Many people think that travel insurance isn't worth it since in most cases, their trips go smoothly. However, when things go wrong, it can be a huge headache and financial worry.

So think of purchasing travel insurance as buying peace of mind. With luck, nothing will happen to your golf clubs. However, if they're lost, stolen, or damaged during transit, you'll be covered.

Arrive Early at the Airport

It's always a great idea to arrive early for your flight; you never know if delays will happen on the road. Plus, things won't be as hectic since you'll have more time to check in, and this will be good for your mental health.

With plenty of time to spare, you can check in your golf bag without rushing. That way, you'll ensure that it's handled with care during the check-in process.

Take Essential Items in Your Carry-On

Think about the things you must have when going golfing. One of our best travel tips is to bring those things with you in your carry-on bag.

For instance, consider packing your golf shoes, balls, tees, and other crucial golf accessories. Should your checked golf bag get delayed or lost, you can still play since you have the essentials.

Ship Your Golf Clubs Instead

Do you still feel unsure about flying with your golf clubs and don't want to carry them through the airport? Or maybe you don't have space in your vehicle for a long road trip.

In any case, you can opt to ship them with a reliable shipping service. This may ultimately be more expensive, but it'll provide you with additional peace of mind.

Know How to Travel With Golf Clubs

By knowing how to travel with golf clubs ahead of time, it'll be less stressful when you book a golfing vacation.

You'll know exactly what to do to ensure your precious clubs arrive safely. Plus, you won't have to worry either, as you'll know what to expect.

Now that you've learned about traveling with golf clubs, you're set to visit golf clubs around the world. Why not make Golf Club of the Everglades your first stop? Make a membership request today.