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The Top 5 Ways to Sink Your Putt Every Time

Golf is a fun, demanding, and frustrating sport at times. You may have a good golf swing and the ability to make par, but when you need to sink a putt at the Everglades club, it just isn’t happening. This short guide will inform you of the top five ways to sink your putt every single time.

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6 Tips for Planning the Perfect Golf Course Wedding

It’s your wedding day. You’ve had the date reserved for a year and it’s supposed to be the perfect temperature for an outdoors wedding.

Now, where to have it? Forget that these venues are normally used for a sport, a golf course is the perfect place for a wedding.

Golf course weddings offer everything you need for your perfect day. Well manicured lawns, greens as far as the eye can see and a beautiful clubhouse will make for the perfect setting.

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