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What Is a Scratch Golfer?

What Is a Scratch Golfer?

Golf. It is a game that is only getting more popular across the world every year. 

Just in the United States, over 25 million people play golf. So, other than having fun, what is the goal when playing golf? 

People who are more serious about the sport want to continue to get better at it. Eventually, they could become good enough to be a scratch golfer. 

What does it take to be a scratch golfer? Well, one thing that you can do is take golf lessons in Naples, FL. On top of this, you would need to put in a lot of practice and hard work. 

This guide will show you what a scratch golfer is, how good you have to be to do this, and what work you have to do to achieve this status. 

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the best golf ball for playing golf

How to Choose the Right Golf Ball

How familiar are you with golf ball models? If you answered "not much," you may wonder why there are so many versions of such a simple thing.

Well, there's more to golf balls than meets the eye. Though they all look the same, they can do very different things for different players. If you're serious about your game, choosing the right golf ball is essential.

Getting ready for your golf lessons in Naples FL? If so, this article will help you figure out which golf balls you'll want to use!

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